Susantha Spice & Herbal Garden.

All guests are then directed to the nearest available demonstration hut where they all can witness the usage demonstrations of the medicines produced from the plants and trees shown and explained to them earlier. Products include herbal oils to help with aches such as joint pain to syrups that cure ailments like a tummy ache or sleeplessness..

One hut can accommodate up to 20 guests and will have specially trained masseuse to help rub the oils to guests who are willing to try our herbal medicinal products. Guests can now relax and enjoy the greenery and the ones interested in buying any of the above-demonstrated products, are led to the shops located within the premises.

All the medicine that were shown to the guests are available for purchase and are attractively displayed and arranged for ease of the guests to locate what they want. We do offer attractive discounts as well. Our highly trained sales staff is ever ready to assist you. We accept payments from major credit cards.

Guests are not encouraged to handover any tips to individual staff members and are not in any way forced to do so. We value our customers highly and always strive to bring about the best ayurvedic experience to each and every one of them. We provide only genuinely produced herbal and spice products to our guests which have being certified by the government officials.

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